Online Marketing

Getting your store up and running is great, and BuzzCart certainly makes it easy. But opening your store is only the beginning. To make your store a success you'll need to do some marketing to let people know your there, and drive customers to your site.

Managed PPC Campaigns

Pay-per-Click (PPC) marketing is an extremely targeted form of paid advertising that can generate huge amounts of qualified traffic (customers) to your site. There are many factors involved in PPC marketing from keyword selection, ad copywriting, budgeting, and measurements and monitoring. BuzzCart's experts can help you run an effective PPC campaign by managing the details of the campaign for you. We'll work with you establish your goals, research your competitors and market, and select keywords that will drive traffic to your site while delivering maximum return. We'll then monitor your campaign, report back to you, and adjust the campaign as needed.

Search Engine Optimization

Customers often ask us how they can get to the top of the search engines. Despite what you may have heard, there is no easy way to do this and certainly no black magic to boost you to the top of the search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of building out your site and your overall web presence to increase your search engine page rank over time. There are many facets involved in an effective SEO effort - adding good copy to your site laced with the correct keywords, optimizing the structure of your site, building links into your site from elsewhere on the web. These are all parts of the overall SEO process. BuzzCart will work with you to take advantage of our built in SEO options and help you climb the search ladder.

Link Building/Directory Submissions

Link building is generally part of an SEO effort, but in and of itself can provide much greater exposure for your web site. BuzzCart can provide link building services, including adding your site many of the web's most influential link directories. We will manually add you to hundreds of the most trafficked web directories in the categories deemed most effective to send customers to your online store.

Constant Contact Email Marketing

As a certified Business Partner, BuzzCart is able to provide you with Constant Contact® Email Marketing. Constant Contact makes email marketing easy. Collect site visitor email addresses or use your own permission-based list, then create and send targeted, professional email newsletters and promotions, and track your results. All you need is a browser. Simply select a template, drop in your unique message and graphics, and schedule delivery. Constant Contact does the rest!

For More Information

For more information on how BuzzCart can help your online store succeed, contact our Sales department or your Account Manager.