Why Sell Online

Real Value for Your Business

The rewards for e-commerce are great. Last year consumers spent over $204 billion dollars online. And despite a topsy-turvy economy, consumers are still going to spend billions online this year, and capturing just a tiny portion of that market can make you very successful.

The mass appeal for shopping online can be summed up by two words: convenience and recreation. Whether a customer is power searching or simply browsing for the sheer joy of discovering that perfect gift, BuzzCart’s solution allows your customers to buy anytime, anywhere with ease and confidence.

BuzzCart is here to help your business thrive. We are e-commerce, shopping cart specialists committed to helping you build your successful enterprise.


6 Great Reason to Sell Online With BuzzCart & Capture Your Share

1. You make it easy for your customers to buy from you.
The secret to maximizing your sales is to reduce “decision friction.” So give your customers every possible purchasing, search and payment option in a highly intuitive and attractive website. Features such as related and grouped products act as gentle reminders and they really work. The experience for your customer adds up to repeat business, converts and revenue. If you have a storefront, walk-in business will grow too with built-in incentives such as coupons, gift certificates, event notices and a rapport built through e-news.
2. You can make money while you sleep.
Consumers are not shopping just 9 to 5; it is more like 24/7. If you have a storefront, you have set hours. When you add a BuzzCart online storefront your hours just expanded to accommodate today’s round-the-clock buyer.
3. You can start or expand a business for very little money.
Totally new venture? You can work out of your home and sell online only. Save the rent on storage and/or a retail shop until you are ready. Expanding online? No need for additional overhead such as fixtures or employees. You can expand your sales floor without knocking down one wall. Already have a website, a strong brand, a storefront and loyal clientele? BuzzCart easily integrates with your existing website.
4. Your niche product has greater reach.
If you have a very specialized product, your local clients are probably willing to pay a higher price for your unique items. But without the tools to inform prospects in other cities, your customer base stays small. BuzzCart will expand your sales floor, adding visibility. You now can now find other groups of like-minded customers around the country, or around the world.
5. It’s safe and secure.
Online security is so essential and BuzzCart has it covered. Your online business (inventory, pricing, database etc) is protected and your client can rest assured that their payment transactions are secure and privacy is guarded. We utilize strong SSL security and McAfee HACKER SAFE ®.Test results show a 30% increase in sales on Websites with the HACKER SAFE ® logo.
6. BuzzCart is here for you.
You focus on your business and let us deal with the technology. We’ll do the heavy lifting to get your store up and running and provide you with free training so you can manage your store. We also offer free 24-hour support from our local staff.


What We Do


We are new to doing business on the web. Buzzcart has been with us every step of the way – very patient and helpful. If you’re starting a web-based business, BuzzCart is certainly the way to go.

-Tom Hennaman, Tom's Tulips