Category & Product Details

Unlimited products, categories, and sub-categories
It doesn't matter if you're selling one product or thousands of products - BuzzCart can scale to meet your needs. There's no limit to how many products you can create, or how many categories and sub-categories you need.

Assign products to an unlimited number of categories
BuzzCart is flexible enough to let you assign a product to any number of categories. You can add products wherever they may be relevant - and wherever a customer may be looking for them.

Create an unlimited number of product options
BuzzCart lets you create and assign as many options for products as you need. If a product comes in different sizes and colors, you can create size and color options for the product, and the customer will then be able to choose from each option when they add the item to their cart. You can create as many options as you need, on a product-by-product basis.

HTML-enriched product descriptions
Add some pizzazz to your product descriptions. You're not limited to just plain text. Use HTML within your product descriptions to add flair and emphasis, and attract a customers attention.

Thumbnail images for products and categories
Add thumbnail images for all your products, and even your product categories. Customers like to see what they're purchasing.

Display detailed product images in pop-up windows
If a thumbnail alone isn't enough, you can also upload a larger detailed image. This can pop-up in another window when the customer "clicks to enlarge", or you can just click the option to always display the larger image in your back office.

Add an unlimited number of additional images
If you have even more than one detailed image - perhaps side views or pictures of different configurations - then you can add as many additional detailed images as you'd like.

User-defined product fields
Add as many custom fields to your products as you want. These will automatically appear in the product manager, as well as on your product details page in your storefront.

Featured Products section
Every category and sub-category page, as well as your store home page, has a prominent "Featured Products" section to highlight whatever products you want to feature. Easily adding products as "Featured Products" on your store's back office, and they appear immediately in the storefront.