Shipping & Tax Features

Calculate UPS, FedEx and USPS rates in real-time
Shipping rates can be calculates in real-time for UPS, FedEx and USPS.

Create an unlimited number of custom delivery methods
BuzzCart offers you the flexibility to define any number of custom delivery methods and prices. You won't be limited by a pre-defined set of shipping methods.

Define shipping costs by many options
Define your own shipping calculations. Create a shipping cost based on any combination of flat-rate, weight-based, cost-based, or per-item calculations.

Add handling/freight charges
Add shipping and handling charges to the calculated shipping cost to markup shipping costs.

Mark products as Free Shipping items
Easily mark products as Free Shipping items in the back office product manager with a single click. These items will automatically be excluded from any shipping calculations.

Restrict shipping by location
Don't ship overseas, or even out of state? No problem - Lebwoski allows you to restrict shipping methods by any location. You can restrict shipping (or even order placement) by country, state, city, or even zip code.

Customizable tax calculations
Enter tax rates for your state or any other locations you may need to charge taxes. Define as many tax rates as you may require. VAT and GST/PST are supported as well. Tax rates can also be defined by customers location.

Product-specific taxes
If certain products are taxed differently, you can apply your different tax rates to appropriate products individually.

Mark products as "Tax Exempt"
If some products are tax exempt, with one click in your back office you can exclude them from all tax calculations.