Merchandising & Inventory Features

Electronic Coupon Codes
BuzzCart allows you to define several different types of coupons for your store. You can create for specific products or categories, or on the total amount of the order. Customer just need to enter the promotional coupon code during checkout, and BuzzCart will apply the coupon to the order.

Gift Certificates
Customers can purchase Gift Certificates online in your store and either print the certificate or have it sent automatically by email. This is a great way to have your own customers promote your store.

Related, Upsell, & Cross-Sell Products
For each product, define any number of related products for upsale or cross-sale. These related product links will automatically appear on the product detail page, reminding customers about other products of interest.

Automated display of Bestsellers
With one click, turn on the Bestsellers module and automatically a list of your stores bestselling products will be displayed. The list items are clickable, so customers can go directly to the top-selling items.

Customer Wishlist
The wish list features allows registered customers to create an online wishlist for friends and family (or themselves) to view and purchase from.

Moderated Product Reviews & Ratings
If enabled, customers can rate and review products, with their reviews available for other customers to browse. You can edit or delete reviews at any time.

Optional Inventory Control
BuzzCart can track your inventory quantities in your back office, allowing you to see just how much you have in stock. You can update your inventory at any time. You can also automatically disable products that are out of stock, or have an "Out of Stock" message automatically appear.

Retail and Wholesale Pricing
Define both retail and wholesale prices for products, offering discounts based on quantity and/or the customers membership status.