Email & Collaboration Features

Business-Class Email and Collaboration Tools
BuzzCart provides Web-based email, calendaring, and file sharing for your business. Each BuzzCart account supports five users with email at addresses. Additional users can be added for only $4.99 per user, per month.  As a reflection of BuzzCart’s commitment to providing a true business class service, users will never see banner, text or other advertisements within the application, and the use of partner services is entirely optional.

Web-based Email
BuzzCart provides business users with an incredibly robust email solution, featuring virus and spam protection, 10 GB of shared email and file storag. Email accounts can be personalized to reflect a company’s domain name for a more professional appearance – such as Email accounts include multiple email aliases, and anytime, anywhere access. 

Email Performance & Accessibility
BuzzCart's email boasts all the features you'd expect to find in a business class service, including powerful search capabilities, drag & drop file and folder management, message filters, spell check, Rich Text Formatting (RTF), attachments of up to 25MB, and much more.

Comprehensive Spam & Virus Protection
BuzzCart uses industry-leading anti-spam and anti-phishing techniques to protect every account. On the server side, BuzzCart uses a variety of spam filtering tools, including multiple Real-Time Blackhole List lookups, relay blocking, header inspection, and an advanced heuristics engine. At the individual account level you can maintain your own "safe" and "block" lists to further protect your inbox and to individually define senders as either "good" or "bad".

BuzzCart performs server-side virus scanning to scan each message before it reaches your inbox. If a message contains a parasitic virus that can be removed, our system will attempt to clean it. Trojan horse viruses are stripped, and you receive a clean message. Our virus definitions are updated hourly to guard against new threats.

Contact Management
BuzzCart's sophisticated contacts management application gives you a powerful and efficient way to store all of your business and personal contacts in one place. Contacts lets you easily share groups or individual contacts with co-workers or other associates using the industry-standard vCard format. Share all or just selected portions of your own contact information via vCard. You can even distribute the URL for your Calendar free/busy data, so customers can see your availability as well. BuzzCart's Contacts can even serve as your company's directory.

Calendaring System
With BuzzCart's Calendar, scheduling appointments is simple. Just highlight a block of time and type a description. Or use QuickAdd - a natural language tool for scheduling appointments. Need to change an event's duration? Just resize it. Need to change the date or time? Just drag & drop. Or use the convenient right-click menus.

Learn More
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