Payment Options Features

Accept real-time credit card transactions
With BuzzCart, you can process payments online directly through your online store. Credit card transactions can be sent to a number of supported gateways, and then directly to your merchant account. Need a merchant account? BuzzCart can provide one.

Integrated with dozens of payment gateways
If you do real-time credit card transactions, BuzzCart can talk directly with dozens of popular payment gateways, including Authorize.Net and VeriSign PayFlow Pro. If you don't have a gateway account, BuzzCart can provide you with a gateway account as well.

Offline credit card processing
Not ready for real-time processing? You can also process credit card orders offline. Credit card details are securely stored for each order, allowing you to process them manually on your schedule. And you can delete the credit card details at any time for additional security.

Accept PayPal payments
BuzzCart also offers PayPal support, allowing your customers to choose PayPal as a convenient payment option.

Accept Check, Phone, Fax, and Purchase Orders
You're not just limited to credit card orders - you can offer your customers the ability to fax you payment details for an order, or phone them in. Lebwoski also offers support for Purchase Orders.

Accept payment in any currency
Your online store can be configured to accept payments in any currency. You can use 2 currencies at the same time, and BuzzCart will do real-time currency conversion.