Search Engine Optimization Features

Automatic Google Sitemap integration
BuzzCart is fully integrated with Google Sitemaps. You have the power to define priorities for every product and category in your store. BuzzCart will know when anything changes in your site 0 if you add products, change descriptions or prices etc. Your store will automatically generate a new sitemap and notify Google to reindex your pages.

Search engine friendly URL's
All product, category, and page URL's in your store are presented as normal HTML links for search engine indexing. The URL's are all search engine friendly, with category and product names within the URL's for the best page rank.

User-defined META tags and keywords
Add your own META keywords and descriptions for every category in your store.

Add your own custom pages
Create as many custom HTML pages as you'd like directly within your back office. The content will appear inside your store, maintaining all the menus and links for customers to navigate trough the store.

Keywords in page titles
Page titles will always include informative keywords for search engine consumption, such as the product name and store name.

Optimized HTML code
All the HTML code in the store is optimized for the best search engine performance and rankings.